Hi, I am Dave Aenmey

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From an early age I realised my passion for photography. On occasions, I would miss school so I could spend the days taking pictures of various sites and locations. This was the start of a passion for being behind a lens and shooting. Having survived the strain and stresses of the industry for many years. I spend a lot of time keeping in shape. My reflexes are as quick as ever and I am ready for whatever the industry throws at me. I have embraced HD and have used my film experience to enhance this look. My work includes shooting several feature films, most recently shooting  a Bollywood Flavour film on the Red called ‘Florida Rd’. Other highlight in my recent HD career has been ‘Faith like Potatoes’ and ‘Hansie’.



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Music Videos

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Features Films

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Dave's experience tells!

Over 20 years working on commercials .



"With my work comes the need for many different types of locations and settings, therefore I have done much travelling abroad. I have learnt to adapt quickly to these enviroments - some of which have been extremely harsh, with even more challenging working conditions"


What Dave Says

I strive to produce excellence in all my work and each new commercial is a new challenge.